Pro Athletes + Branding

Calling all athletes who are striving for their dream….a sponsor for you out there!

Sometimes potential sponsors do not realize that you are SOLELY providing for your training, gym time, coaching, rehab, travel expenses, equipment, entry fees…..the list goes on. 

You are putting in the work. 

You have made the connections. 

But posting a poor quality picture and a link without any perspective is not going to get you a sponsor.

The secret formula to your personal brand???? BE YOURSELF. Build a strong relationship with your audience by sharing your struggles, training session, hustle moments, wins, and losses. Showing perspective makes you an influencer. 

Build your brand through your experiences. Weave your story into your brand by posting about your training, gym time, coaching, rehab ext. Use your disadvantages to YOUR ADVANTAGE.

Shape your personal brand by being clear about what you want to be known for. What is it that you do well and who best does it serve? What is your mission? What is your elevator pitch if someone asks you what you do? What are 5 words to describe my lifestyle?

Once you can answer honest and be visible and the sponsors will start coming to you!

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